Regardless of what stage you’re at in life; a group of friends, a handful of followers, or that one person you trust the most can make all the difference in making a tough situation manageable. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now, especially with my MS, without the people around me.

Having lived on my own, I can say that I don’t prefer it. I actually was quite lonely, preoccupying myself with work and avoiding being home…just to stay up until 2 am when I did get home.

This experience has really opened my eyes to the importance of keeping people around, appreciating their time and company, and enjoying shared thoughts/memories/ideas. I admit that I am one of many who push others away when things get tough; not wanting to feel vulnerable and rely on others for support/help. However, THIS way of thinking is the complete opposite to successfully get through life’s challenging obstacles…or life in general! Why else do you think there are so many of us on this planet? Or why you have sisters, brothers, parents, best friends? The list goes on. We find companionship in one another, naturally, and surround ourselves with people who make us feel good and beautiful and worth what we want most in life.

It is unfortunate that comfort and security can be associated with a situation of abuse and worthlessness. That there is comfort in disturbance; especially when there is history and emotions attached. But, let me say this: Are the few moments of feeling appreciated and secure worth a lifetime of absent/unstable support?

THIS feeling, I decided, was not for me. Living with my sister, who has encouraged me to stay in touch with people who love me and care about me, has been a most enlightening experience and lesson I am continuing to understand.

I wish it hadn’t taken me getting MS to realize my worth; my worth that I neglected the past several years. And, maybe it is just coincidence, but people matter and I plan to surround myself with the good ones. With those who love me, with the ones who seek my help/support, and with those I can share with and teach about life’s challenges. And in doing so, I hope to enlighten, even a small handful; and continue to be amazed by all the beauty and colour people bring to life.


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