I mentioned before that a lot of the time I look like a drunk…staggering around and bouncing off stable surfaces. I’ve joked about it numerous times with my sisters and friends; never actually thinking I’d find myself in a situation of exactly this nature.

Tonight I went out for a relaxing night of billiards and wine. I consider myself a VERY responsible person, especially when alcohol is involved. I actually don’t know why anyone would purposely make themselves feel incapacitated…but that’s just me. Anyways, I am a responsible drinker AND I was also with my mom and a roommate…no reason for rambunctious behaviour.

Three and a half hours later; after some pool games, 2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of water, and a good portion of nachos; I went to the bathroom stumbling no more than how I was when I first entered the bar. I felt a bit nauseous, so I did relieve myself a bit quietly…but then some nosey person knocked quite vigorously and asked if I was okay. I lied and said, “I may have had too much to drink.” I sat down and waited for them to leave…also because, as some may know, bathroom trips can be a timely process. They knocked again, asking if I was okay and I responded, “yes, I am okay.” She was quite persistent with a quick comeback, “well, you just said you weren’t okay, so I’m going to wait here till you get out.” This was absurd! So I was straight with her, “I never said I wasn’t fine. I am fine. I have MS so I will be a while….etc…I have a condition and I am honestly fine.”

They were there when I left the stall and insisted on following me to where my mom was sitting and said they had to escort me out…I was speechless.

This is a GREAT example of ignorance regarding situations/conditions that a number of people deal with on a daily basis. Such lack of awareness and education to staff; and the stereotypes placed based on the time of day (night), the surrounding drunk population, the fact that I look quite young, and me simply stating that “I may have had too much to drink” in attempt to avoid sharing my situation with people who are really just looking for drama. Gosh, I cannot win here. AND, either way, they found out that I have MS…Where is the dignity in that type of treatment? That type of world?

My mom, trying to stand up for my dignity, was physically held and shoved to a wall! She didn’t lay a hand on anyone. And these women told her what I had said to them…like it was a lie…the ignorance. It breaks my heart really, that I tried to enjoy a night and people make it a goal to go out of their way to create drama and make a mess out of nothing…out of an innocent bathroom trip. The LAST thing I would have EVER thought I’d have to ACTUALLY deal with.

The ignorance. The lack of awareness. I am stunned…at the extent people will go to oppress others; because of assumptions…because of authority. Tell me, what kind of life is that? Do I have to go around with a neon sign on my forehead saying, “NOT DRUNK & DANGEROUS. I HAVE MS”…?

This is to awareness! This is to dignity!


One thought on “Drunk & Dangerous or Just MS…

  1. In my opinion, this situation should never have occurred and the treatment was akin to racism and abuse of authority besides infringement of privacy. I will personally be following up and contacting the owner of Riley’s Olde Town Pub in Oshawa and hope his response will be appropriate. This is Canada not fascist state!


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