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What is fairness? Equitable living…favorable chances…justice…? What role does fairness play in this world; in this life?

Many often say, “It isn’t fair.” This statement so commonly heard, yet unexplained. What is it that isn’t fair? Is it life itself?

I believe that the world works in a very specific, though unpredictable, way…most of the time. Day-by-day, very little seems to change. But after some time, you look back upon a completely different time and recognize all the changes that have befallen; and very little is the same. For this reason, I believe that the world works as it does; because there is structure.

Of course we have choices; each one leading down another road. So to say it is “unfair,” I feel would be wrong. There’s always opportunity to make a difference…to make a decision…that will turn the sails of life. Though, these opportunities also sway the direction of the lives of those around you, and so on…the cycle continues. Like a game of dominos, life goes on with the choices made and we say, “It isn’t fair.”

The reality of it is that sometimes life isn’t fair. We get dealt a poor hand and see the doom it will lead to while others are dealt the lucky hands, destined to win…how unfair. Honestly, the facts of the poor hand vs. the winning are true, but definite they are not. It may just be that one time of chance. When one must lose some to gain some – a balance scale that’s not yet broke even. So, this is why I believe life seems unfair at times. The world must balance the countless decisions made, and some draw a short straw in the mix. But drawing the short straw is not always the worst scenario when you look and realize all that you’ve been given…all that you have…and all that you can do with that mini drink stick. You purchase a smaller beverage, but have room left for that chocolate desert you’ve been wanting.

Anyways…that’s just a simple analogy for something much more significant. I will not say that I feel my life is always fair, but I really hope to change that. So I’ll take a knee for the time being…to recognize the advances of others and appreciate the otherwise unnoticed components of my life. I’ve definitely been dealt fairness before in this life and will not let myself be defeated now that I’ve been handed this heavy weighted MS.

It’s all about balance. And the more you focus on defeat, the more help you give the world to defeat you. Why live a life that’s completely fair 100% of the time, when it’s in those unfair moments you really challenge yourself and push for equity?


One thought on “For Fairness Sake

  1. One advance I see and hear in your well articulated words is progress and strength to challenge life’s heavy handiness and I believe your will to triumph will conquer ..

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