Amidst any process of change, I tread carefully. Presented with new and exciting opportunities, I initially want to jump in head first; dive into the deep. Then time is found and, with it, thought and contemplation sit, resting on the minute hands that tick away. I then find myself struggling to swim back to the surface so that I can get a glimpse – a clearer picture – of what I’m willing [and wanting] to do.

This process I can relate to walking on water. You have to trust your judgement so truly. You have to be ready and willing to take the chance; before knowing if you’ll sink or float. It’s really incredible how much self-efficacy you must possess – how much trust you must have in yourself; in your abilities.

Knowing what you want in life is one thing; something that can be a relatively simple aspiration to acquire or construct. But, knowing what route to take and/how to get there is a whole other element of its own. We don’t carry maps of our lives that provide a birds-eye-view of the roads that would most quickly or easily get us from point A to point B. We don’t have our decisions preplanned. We simply have to choose and do and adjust accordingly; with hopes that we’ve chosen…”right.”

Saying this, I don’t think there are any particular “right” paths. We make do with what we have and make it “right” through our attitude, perseverance, and self-efficacy. If we keep these elements, there is no “wrong” route – no sink-worthy choice – because, we are always able to come up for air if we sink deeper than we planned.

To be honest, I’m not directing this point to anything in particular. It can be applied to anything; a job, a relationship, another year of studies, a trip, purchase of a car or house…anything. It is really about trusting yourself with your life and what you make it out to be; how you perceive it. We find it easy…for the most part…to trust those we care about; those we keep around us each day, in one way or another. We trust these people – professionals – with our lives and our decisions, to direct us and give us insight on the best possible choice. We trust these others, but do we also trust ourselves? Do we make decisions and give ourselves recognition for our investment in our own life?

Through this, day-to-day, I walk on water – sometimes dipping further in – with the goal of feeling success and trusting my instinct. I walk on water when my legs start wobbling under me and I have to decide whether to stop or keep going. I walk on water every time I wake up in the morning with the intention to live, be happy, be free, and trust in myself and my abilities; making this life my kind of right.


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