Upside down. What a way to view the world. What a way to walk through life. Going through the motions you think you’re supposed to just to be flipped right around and slammed to the ground, left in a state of utter confusion…

Today was one such day. Not that I don’t have enough on my plate…regarding my health, that is…I got surprised with some information from a chest X-ray that was originally intended for something else entirely. I was shocked. I cried. I even whimpered and then I apologized because I was crying! How messed up is that? Thankfully, the Doctor was incredibly nice and understanding and let me have my sobbing time.

As I read the report, the word “probable” stood out. Meaning that it may not be definite or very serious. Hmm. If only I could see it that way. I had a chest CT last summer and no one said anything…From my understanding, this could definitely have been present then, seeing as the Doctor asked if I had pneumonia or the related as a child. But, what if it wasn’t?

I felt silly for crying, but it also felt SO good to let it out. To be honest, I hardly cried when I received my MS diagnosis…not like this anyway. Because I knew I had it…I knew that diagnosis was coming, regardless of how much I wanted to be wrong, I knew… But THIS! Out of thin air. Not that it was a diagnosis…it was just a probable conclusion. However, I don’t want any other problems…I don’t want any other reasons to live in fear of my body because something is wrong. I don’t want to be topsy-turvy, upside down, upset, or confused. BUT…maybe that’s what I’m supposed to be… I definitely know that I don’t always feel like I’m walking right side up (I say that in the least negative way possible).

To add another spin to this day, I made a HUGE decision to plan for my future! A very proactive decision, because you never know what life is going to throw at you…or your body…preparation is essential! NOT that I want to walk on eggshells because I expect the worst or because I’m afraid anything is going to happen, because I know way more things ARE going to happen and they are not in my control.

My sister always tells me to “take it with a grain of salt…” and I’d think “well, what is that supposed to mean?” So, for your information, I did in fact look it up…to get the real meaning of the expression…and it’s enlightening. It paraphrases the acceptance of a situation while being skeptical about it, applying reason and critical thinking to its validity. How brilliant!

Situations, though completely and utterly true, are only as BIG as you weigh them in to be. Yes, terrible things happen. But so do good things. So, take it with a grain of salt; reason out your problem and think about the role you play in its growth. True it may be, but big it may not…big it may be, but heavy it may not…

Take what life throws at you and embrace it with your savory tooth (like a sweet tooth but for salt). The world isn’t going to end and you can plan and plan and plan and plan… But, living and appreciating the backwards view is sometimes a real blessing, because you’re the only one who gets to see the view.


3 thoughts on “Topsy-Turvy

    1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 It’s very important for healing. I’m glad I’m not alone there. I’m all over the place. Sometimes I don’t cry at all when I should and sometimes I can’t do anything but cry.

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  1. Topsy turvey life can be, but you are far from that .. Top of your class, turvey in your flexibility to take life’s challenges and meet them head on.. Ingesting them, researching them and besting them.. Competitive with life with yourself ,. A purpose that will give us all moments to reflect. Love your topsy turvey ..

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