I always hear people talk about how busy the world of today’s society is; how it’s continuously going morning and night. But, is it just in this day and age? Hasn’t the world always continued through its days, months, years? Has it ever stopped to let its peoples catch up? From my perspective, it is entirely the other way around. Us people are so consumed…obsessed…with being busy, successful, in control. Little do we know or stop to realize how in control of this world we are. We are so overwhelmed with the never ceasing clock, the hustle and bustle of work, and the need to get ahead that we forget to be still and take control of that which we are in control.

I feel that this is a topic over-talked about; a broken record. But, I also feel that it is good to address. Point out what we do to lessen our enjoyment of life just because we think work will give us all that happiness. Like making an initial costly investment to later reap the rewards…when…But, when we point this out, do we really want it to change? Don’t you think that if we wanted things to be different, we would take action to do so? Are we just complaining about life for the sake of complaining and making noise?

It’s all about materials. And yes, without, we can do very little. I will not say that I don’t take advantage of things readily available to me. I will not say that I am any better than the next person when it comes to appreciating the little things; the important things. But what if I made this a goal? What if I allowed myself to be still in this world’s turmoil and express gratitude about everything I have in my life? Would those issues that bring such stress and discomfort seem obsolete in comparison to the bigger picture that is life?

Losing something in life…whatever it may be…that we take for granted is incomparable to these tiny today issues. Facing a challenge, unintentionally and without volition, has much more of an impact of life fulfillment than do the day-to-day worries. But even then, I still wish the world would be still for me.

I have not been having the best time with my body this past week and a half…ish. Breaking down at work because I feel bad to ask for a break, expending all of my energies at one place and leaving an insufficient supply for another commitment. I am honestly having a hard time to balance this work/rest/pay bills/live rightly thing we call life. My MS continues to be a struggle for me to be relentless in this working life. And it has given me so many barriers to fulfilling the simple daily tasks that are so automatic. One progressively annoying barrier is the tremor that my left finger and thumb have. It’s always there, though sometimes it is more noticeable than other times. I am unable to pick up and hold onto most things because my fingers will begin their spastic dance and drop whatever it is I’m trying to hold onto. It is frustrating. I am frustrated. All I want in those moments is for my fingers to be still. But, I can still do all those things with my right hand. So, though unfortunate, I am grateful that my other side is still highly functional.

This is the primary reason for why I bring up this thought on stillness. Because the world will never be still because we will never be still. And we can be as frustrated as we want to be about this…about needing a break…but that frustration is a negative manifestation of an otherwise fairly steady, self-paced life. I can be frustrated at my body (which I am more often than I am proud to admit) or I can be patient, be still, and chose another method that works for me.

Sometimes in these moments of absolute exhausting frustration I do actually like to take some time to be still, because the world will continue turning while I have my time out. I will not give up, but I will recharge. I will be still and be grateful for the life I’ve been given to live.Image result for praying hands


9 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Thoughts and feelings well put, a dancer of body, mind and soul, albeit from your limbs, your speech or your articulated written words. You bring perspective to the journey of life while sharing your inner dance with eloquence.

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    1. Thank you, Suzanne! You are so, so kind 🙂 I hope to post again very soon
      I am doing well–finding my footing while balancing my health, work, school, and my writing ❤
      I hope you are keeping well xx

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