Why can we feel, physically, when words are spoken? Why do some hurt, while others are soothing? Why do some leave you breathless and numb?

The power of words is grossly underestimated when spoken from within, without premeditation; or, maybe, with too much thought. Nonetheless, we all know that words are powerful and, when spoken by a familiar voice, are amplified and can even be deathly. Not deathly to the body, per se, but deathly to the soul; to our hope of what lay ahead in matters concerning the producer – the composer of these words.

We ask ourselves then, “Is this dialect going to be consistent? Is the delivery going to change? What should I gather from now about the future?”

Actions help to guide our speech, and words help to guide our actions. Saying one thing implies that there is intent for movement – for purposeful performance. And that is why it is so powerful. We say things far too often without anticipating all the possible repercussions. If anything, we only anticipate one. We spew out these words from our inner concept bank in order to capitalize on another’s bank of ideals for the sole purpose of being heard, accepted, and adopted; or at least understood and appreciated. And, through this – these words – we are powerful, even without following with action, because, most often, action is still intended.

There is no initial guilt until we can see the physiological responses to the jumbled letters we have so articulately placed together. The guilt comes later. It covers us over with its cloak as we replay those words, maybe even seeing our own reactions if we were on the receiving end, allowing it to weigh heavier and heavier… I’ll leave it at that.

Once spoken, we cannot unspeak. Once delivered, we cannot prevent the return shipment fees – the apologies. But also, once stamped, we cannot erase the markings, the pains, or the imprint. The words will still have been shared, giving a painful touch that cannot be unfelt – that may never be forgotten.


17 thoughts on “To T-ouch Words

    1. Yes, they are! Thank you, Margaret 🙂 You are so encouraging and always have such welcome words of kindness. There are so many more questions we can ask ourselves about the language we use – the words we put together – and how they can/should be interpreted. But I am digressing!
      Thank you again and God bless xx

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      1. I would be absolutely honoured if you shared this on your blog 🙂
        I have to say thank you. I feel truly touched and love reading your posts; those daily reminders that this life is bigger than we can even imagine.
        I wish you a blessed day xx

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  1. This was so beautiful and incredibly true! It is sad that some people just speak first and think later, but I guess sometimes none of us can help it.This post was so powerful and I hope many people read it and implement how to stop hurtful words from leaving their mouth before causing another person any hurt.I have always said, you can apologize but the bruises from hurtful words never go away.Take care!!!

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    1. Thank you, Alyssa 🙂 I so appreciate your thoughts about this post and positive remarks. It is definitely a difficult part of communication to control and we all have differing interpretations, no matter how alike we are. Yes, apologies don’t take away the happened events, but they are in themselves meaningful if they are truly meant.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day 🙂 xx

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  2. I really hate to say I’m sorry, I do say it alot, but I hate the feeling that I have hurt someone. While I’m not always articulate, my filter is getting better that when I don’t have something nice to say I just don’t say anything at all

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    1. Yes, I also am guilty for over apologizing. I am glad to hear it is something you’re working on 🙂 I find that a lot of the time I just need to look at the situation in its entirety and think about whether or not a response is even necessary.
      take care 🙂 xx

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  3. You actually make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually one thing which I feel I’d never understand. It seems too complex and very extensive for me. I’m taking a look ahead on your next post, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

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    1. Thank you for your uplifting comment, Alicia 🙂
      It is complex–I am also trying to wrap my head around everything that comes through my mind–so I hope you aren’t discouraged (unless you are not and I have misread what you wrote). Nonetheless, I am thrilled you are planning to look at my next post–let me know what you think! xx



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