“Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.”
– Revelation 1:19


Although writing on this first day of the New Year may be predictable, unoriginal, and in follow of the stereotype to “seize this day” and fill it with words of resolutions, promises, and goals for the year to come, I have decided that I will not wait to address and share the thoughts that have been riding along in my mind.

I will begin with an idea by which I am perpetually puzzled—the idea that the New Year is a “clean slate,” a “new beginning,” an opportunity to “start over,” or something of that sort…. I, myself, have lain victim to this deceitful and troubling, idealized mindset that the previous year’s struggles will dissipate and the New Year will bring “better” if—and only if—you enter with a clear and positive mindset. It is for this reason that I am perplexed. On a side note, I will say that I do agree we should have goals and a (more positive than not) mindset to lead us towards our “purpose.” However, on a larger scale, I do not agree that we are able to “start over” or “be rid” of last year’s disparities. In fact, I believe it is a time to accept and appreciate the long road traveled. I believe it is a time to appreciate that the “start” has passed—no longer in sight—and the steps that have been tread cannot be reversed. Furthermore, our travels have taken us beyond many of our comforts, built up much of our strength, and have now lead us to a point in life where bridges must be built.

~I may be incorrect; I am aware we do not all think alike. I also do not claim that starting the next year with a “clean slate” is defiant of everything that one has achieved thus far; again, I have before begun a year just so. I simply want to give emphasis to our meaning, purpose, and overall contentment with life by addressing this thought that troubles me.~

I have arrived at many crossroads in life that have lead me far beyond any place I could ever have anticipated to find myself; and are detailed in many of my previous posts. Within my memory of these moments, which are strangely and wonderfully as clear as today’s current happenings, I relish the reality and ingenuity of these events; that they directed me somewhere—here—and, I love that I am unable to begin the New Year with a “clean slate.” I like my smudgy, ridge-filled life. Even more, I love it.


Therefore, I will go one step further and challenge this “new beginning” ideal and move to have the New Year be our revelation—our exposure and admission—of what has passed, what is now, and what is in store for us in the future; without expectation. Leaving expectation untouched, I will open my eyes to the New Year and I will be surprised. I will be surprised and in awe of whatever this next year unveils (no pun intended); all of which will remain written, bridging each continental memory to the next and composing the work that is life.

One last note: Happy New Year, 2018!


6 thoughts on “Building Bridges of Revelation

    1. Precisely! Every hill and valley count towards how we’ve gotten to where we are today and who we have and will become. Many, many thanks Margaret 🙂
      Blessings to you also with hope that you continue to be filled with and surrounded by goodness, health, peace, and love. xx

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