Photo by Jamie Nix

I feel the countless burdens and pressures that life’s queries and realities present to a person in his or her mid-twenties. Is not this age for security to begin; in at least one of life’s areas? Is it not at this age that change happens and, although many unknowns persist that are both challenging and motivating, some form of “home” is formed or found? Perhaps my perceptions are wrong. Perhaps my desire for security—my expectation for it—is, in fact, why I feel I have not attained it in its entirety.

Seeking control, irrespective of the control that is already had, may be that final ingredient of perceived unhappiness and lack of control. Maybe not. Maybe seeking control is exactly what must occur to actualize oneself. I believe in both. Life is a circular road: queries-realities-control-happiness-queries-realities-control-happiness…

MS has taught me that it is good—healthy—to be quizzical and (with realism) to search for understanding and a control that, also, is healthy. Some things we must accept. Some things we can change. But, we hold the wheel that dictates direction; therefore, that is our responsibility. Isn’t that powerful?


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