Timeless–Reality is a hard pill to swallow, and may not go down at all. MS is definitely one that continues to come back up…. It continues to push me towards growth, humility, and confidence; towards incorporating what I love into my life. So, here I am for your entertainment as I search for sanity–something we all strive towards…


Entertainment. A pleasurable experience we all incorporate into our lives; a societal diversion of which we also seldom have complete control. It is a motivating force, an uplifting hoist, an escape from reality, and a chance to relate and find a community that is alike you. As I cruise through life, I find that I go through my daily interactions in a very similar, very repetitive pattern – acting aloof to break the silence, for hopes of a chuckle and to flip the frowns – all for the sake of entertainment.

I suppose this communicative pattern that I’ve observed is more or less innate – almost automatic – that I desire to entertain and make light of shady spaces. As early as I can remember, I’ve danced and entertained and never once despised the exposure of my passion to those eager to experience it. No doubt, not all forms of…

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