A Walk In My Shoes

A Walk In My Shoes

It’s been two years in writing; and almost three since the news that was both relieving and daunting…
This piece is still so real–so raw–and brings back all the confusing and terrifying memories of the sensations (and numbness) that followed me with every step. And still, I walk in my shoes–to remember and to then (hopefully) walk better. I do, however, take the shoes off 😉 as should we all–to embrace the road and be grounded in this life.
The journey continues.


I wrote the following blurb last summer to let out my thoughts about my diagnosis. I decided for it to be the first thing I post here; as a beginning marker to my journey with MS…

A Walk In My Shoes – 08/07/2015

Shoes, now those are definitely a battle on their own to walk in. This was one of my early clues that something wasn’t right. I remember, even as a kid, I never liked shoes; running around in my bare feet on the gravel. But, about a year and a half ago (almost two years now!), as I took a long walk with my mom, I had this immense urge to take my shoes off…like I needed to cool down…and it helped for a brief moment, until I warmed up again and I had no shoes left to remove. Still stumbling in my bare feet, feeling dizzy…

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